How to track a cell phone location in 2019

When you would want to know of someone else’s location using your iPhone for so many reasons primarily to ensure the safety and be there for them if need to be, this can be done by so many methods when you are using the iPhone. This can be done with getting an app called find my friends and this available on the app store for your convenience and do as per the instructions.

If you have the latest iOS in place it would already be apart of the existing features of the iPhone. If the app doesn’t seem on the main screen, you could always check in the extras folder and get the app and activate the share my location which is present in the settings.

How to track a cell phone location?

When you apply the Airdrop feature, it will enable others to discover you. So, how to track a cell phone location now to find the location that someone you are trying to find with the help of this app. If both the devices, that of yours and the someone you are tracking has the Airdrop feature turned on. Then select the person you want to track from the contact list and share indefinitely without needing a limit to be set.

The app will have a query for proceeding and you can confirm the same and the user can decide whether to go ahead or not. This way you could track the person in your contact list and know when they have arrived or left a particular location.

The other method is with the help of iPhone and the other being an iPhone too. When you go to settings of your phone and your credentials on apple for logging in. when this process is completed you could go to iCloud and use the option find my iPhone. Activating this feature will help you with the tracking of the other person which is done by the device using iOS.

It can also send information to the tracker even when the battery is low and about to get switched off while updating with the last location of the person you are tracking. As the data is collected and sent to from the site of the device.

Various ways to to track a cell phone location

The device allows the app find my iPhone stored on iTunes on the other device you are keeping track of. The best way to track a cell phone location without them knowing is using NEXSPY Software. For this, you may have to sign out the credentials that you have used to certify your apple id and log in with the user id and password that person uses. The map app will definitely list your phone and will send you the locations, but if switched off then it will only be able to send the last locations of the person.

The other way would be going to iCloud through any browser and using the apple id or password with the help of finding my iPhone app will help you track the person after the re-affirmation your password and it gives you an update of the device that is tracking.

This is all done with the help of iCloud services and you will be able to select the iPhone you want to track the person you want to. This gives the person the map for finding the exact location of the person, there are chances that the tracker will not be able to get live updates if the phone is said to be in motion. You will have to refresh each time to get the exact location each time.

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